My first post

This is my first post on the new and refine Jacob Flax dot TK. My goal with this website is to do something unique. Since I know anime and otaku things, I want to become the otaku who make money by telling you, my readers, how much I made.

If you are reading my Internet Business blog at Work With Jacob Flax, you are seeing that I’m doing a Income Case Study by only using that income. I decided that starting today I’m going to do an Income Case Study by telling you how much money I made.

Now what are my goals in this Income Case Study. My first goal is to get enough money so that I’m debt free, so far I’m about $750 in the hole. My second goal with this Income Case Study is to provide Part-Time Income with Good work. Part-Time Income means $1,000 per month with no more then 30 hours per week. Now you think that’s too low, but if you were disabled and broke, $1,000 is not much but it’s better than zero.

I’m going to put up to three blog posts per week plus one about the income case study. I’m planning on doing the blog posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Saturday being the Income results day that I made.

So, if you want to follow me in the quest, just subscribe to my RSS Feed.