First Week of Classes

I just finish my first week of online classes at the University of Kansas. I have taken on campus classes there in 2007 – 2009, but I needed a refresher in the Math course before going in the big end in the course.

Anyway for this blog, I’ll be updating you guys once a week expect during Anime Nebraskon weekend. That one, I might do daily for the content.

Had a Great Mother’s Day but for One Thing.

I had a great Mother’s Day yesterday. Wish my mom a happy Mother’s Day.

The one thing that wreak my day is one of my Internet Radio Stations would be off the air for about one week. That would let a lot of anime fans down.

I will have a big surprise that might put money into one of my business pockets, but that’s all I’m saying for the time being.

My New Media Company

Here is my new media company. It’s called Flax Media. Flax Media will be the media based of the business of the company as well. Flax Media will feature the profits of the media divisions that they will hold.

Flax Media will have the following components in the company:

  1. Blog – The official website
  2. Twitter – Twitter feed that it will updates
  3. Online Newspaper – Local Newspaper
  4. LinkedIn – LinkedIn Page that it will control for the employees (note: we will only use LinkedIn to hire our employees.)
  5. YouTube – YouTube Channel
  6. Live Stream – TBD
  7. Other Feeds TBD

To visit Flax Media, Click Here.

How Murrue Ramius Lead the Archangel to Victory and How Business Lessons can be Learn?

How does the Archangel inĀ Mobile Suit Gundam Seed made it to the top? In this talk, I talk about how this anime can teach you to win at business.

Want to watch Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed is on Hulu. Click here to get a Free Trial.

My Internet Radio Business

I also run an Internet Radio Station called Radio Bison Kansas. Radio Bison Kansas started out in 2012 as a way to play my music legally. With the current copyright issues coming up, Radio Bison Kansas is currently playing talk shows. My past shows of Jacob Flax Points and Views, Weekend Lighting, and Sailor Moon Review Show are being up there as well.

Currently the site is accepting donations for the station via PayPal. I’m thinking of doing something rather special for the Residents of Bison. That will be on Friday’s post.

To visit Radio Bison Kansas, go to today

My Other Online Business

Jacob Flax (dot) TK is not the only online business that I own and operating. I’m also running another business as well. This business is focus on my hobby and is going to help out those people in the hobby to start their business part time and transition the business to the full time area.

The business that I’m talking about is Otaku Business Empire.

Otaku Business Empire will focus on the anime, manga, Japanese CD side, and more.

To visit Otaku Business Empire, go to today.

My Parent Business Holding Company

Having a online business or a offline business is a great time of having great income as well as the profits of the business as well. The Business Holding Company is unique in structure. My Business Holding Company is a Single Member LLC. That means on my tax returns, I can file as a Sole Proprietor. The Business Holding Company that I’m referring to is called Flax Conglomerate. Flax Conglomerate is a unique Conglomerate.

Now with a Conglomerate, you think of a huge company. Flax Conglomerate is a Conglomerate style company, but will have the styles of a Sole Proprietorship.

I’m still working on this business as well as keeping my blog up as well.