How to Create an Irresistible Offer that Stands Out

In any market there is the same question heard over and over…

“How can I create an irresistible offer that I can offer to my target audience? Why should they come to me instead of going to any of the other competitors promoting in the market?”

This is a great question…So let me help you out. Today let me reveal to you…

The four-secrets you can use to beat your competition and get more clients…

1. The Competition is NOT as tough as you think

You’re wondering, why would someone buy from me when there are thousands of other competitors all over the world they could buy from?

Here’s the truth—the competition is much less than most people imagine.

There is not as much competition, because most companies are not consistent with their marketing.

So just stay persistent and keep marketing to your target audience. And there’s no question you will start getting new leads and sales.

2. Add more value with bonus offers

When you’re trying to sell somebody on any program, here are two things that will make them want to buy…


— Create a bonus around getting them more of the benefit, or
— Create a bonus that will help them avoid challenges

If you are teaching the person about an Internet marketing product—a product that’s will show them how to market and make more money—then what kind of bonus should you offer?

Let’s think for a moment… What does an affiliate marketing client want the most? How will your offer make their life better?

Most people want commissions without doing much work, and they want more and higher commissions—as quickly as possible.

So you should offer them a ‘Free’ E-book that will show them how to get higher commissions as quickly as possible. And tell them they will receive this ‘Free’ E-book if they sign up. If you don’t have your own e-book, just Google “free books in the public domain,” and find one that shows how to make more money.

Another option could be, “I’m going give you a traffic shortcut. I’m going give you the one traffic source that I discovered after going through 10 other traffic sources that didn’t produce an ROI, and this one traffic source was responsible for me making my first X, Y, Z in commissions. And I’m going hand you this shortcut on a silver platter, as your FREE bonus.”

ONLY offer the bonus if they sign up with their contact information—so you can start building the new relationship.

3. Identify what problems or challenges your prospect wants to overcome?

One way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to think of common problems your clients would not want to do.

For example, when Matt Lloyd first starting in affiliate marketing, he realized most people don’t like making cold sales calls on the phone to their new leads, so he decided he would do it for them. With his first commissions, he started a phone service to follow up with leads.

His idea was, “We’re going to do all your follow-up phone calls for you.” This unique selling proposition was one of the first things that set him apart from the competition, because it took away a big problem of the marketplace.

4. Create useful shortcuts for your clients

If you can offer them shortcuts to making a sale, your clients will be very interested.

So how can you do this?

Make a list of other problems your potential customers might have. Maybe their #1 issue is getting more traffic to their website.

So you could offer to send your private list of traffic sources. There might be 10 different traffic methods you’ve tried, and you went through all 10 to find the one that actually produced results.

Share those hard lessons you’ve learned with them for Free—help them avoid that pain, and they will become your customer!

You could offer them other services that they need but they don’t have time or the man power. Offer to do free follow-up phone calls, free traffic sources, or even a free do-it-for-you blog that’s already written…

When people start accepting your “Free” bonuses you will have warm leads that will buy from you time after time for years to come. That’s a little-known secret… it’s called increasing the “lifetime value” of your customer.”

Even if you are just beginning in your career, if you start to create useful shortcuts for your clients, your brand loyalty will quickly grow. Plus, you’re business will start making some real money.

People WILL respond to free offers, and once you have them on your list, you could have a customer for life!

Now ask yourself this question:

“How much I would spend for a completely “done for you” system that can help you immediately start earning an extra $5,000 – $10,000 per month or more cost?”

If you could make that kind of money in as little as sixty minutes a day, the value of that gift would indeed be priceless—peace of mind for you and your family.

The best part… You can start earning $1,250, $3,300, even $5,500 or more, over and over again, for every sale you make.

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Talk to you soon,

Jacob Flax

Income for the Week of April 9 and Blog Times

My income for the week of April 9 is $0 for this week. I’m not worry about it because I am just starting up. This will not be the end of the world, It just means that I have to work hard as well.

Blog time will be the following:
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4 AM Central Time.
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4 PM Central Time.
Saturdays at Noon.

My First Review Site

The first review site that I will be building will be Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is still one of the most popular anime franchises in the world since 1992. My goal with the Review Site is to provide a review on every episode and to offer the sales links to those products as well. Now for about the first two months, I’m not going to get anything big out of it; however, if I applied some of my SEO Tricks on this blog and put in in the Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, then I might get some good sales. I will start on by changing a Facebook page so that that page can get the latest reviews releases as well.

The website for the review of Sailor Moon is

How to Grow Your YouTube Following with Tips from Jacob Flax

The use of video marketing is becoming increasingly popular for entrepreneurs. The reason is simple. More people are using mobile devices and the videos are easier to view on these devices than reading a lengthy blog post.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of competition on YouTube. Getting noticed isn’t always easy. But, with a few simple tips, you can begin increasing the number of followers that you’ve got on YouTube.

With more followers, your videos are more likely to get noticed. Here are several steps that you can take right now to begin growing your YouTube following.

Increase the Value of Your Videos

The first step is to increase the value of your videos. People won’t share videos that don’t provide any real value. You can’t just create a video introducing your business and hope to get thousands of views.

Each video needs to have a specific focus. It’s much like writing a quality blog post. In fact, you can recycle your most popular blog content into videos.

Whenever you write a script for a video, always ask yourself if you’d share this video with others. The video needs to offer some benefit to the viewer. You can provide instructions, demonstrations, or tips related to a specific topic.

Remain Consistent with Your Release Schedule

YouTube offers video recommendations based on what you’ve already watched. If you remain consistent with your release schedule, you’re more likely to gain new subscribers.

If a viewer watches one of your videos without following, YouTube may recommend another your new videos as they’re released. This helps bring viewers back to your channel.

Whether you release one or four new videos each month, you should stick to a schedule. Decide which day of the week you’ll release your videos. Subscribers will know when to check back and your viewer retention rates will increase.

Monetize Tips that You Should Know for Your YouTube Channel

With the new YouTube restriction of not being able to monetize until you get 10,000 total views, producing great content and growing your following correctly will be key to earn income by Ads. With that said, how do you earn money before the channel reaches 10,000 views? If you are an affiliate with a company that you are using, like your equipment, you can use affiliate links to get your income. In a future blog post, I will introduce to a good solution that you can use for getting some income from your YouTube videos that you can earned.

Ask People to Subscribe to Your Channel

Your videos should serve a specific purpose. As with your blog articles, the end of the video should include a call to action. You could tell viewers to follow a link or you can use this call to action to remind viewers to subscribe.

WARNING: Do NOT do Sub-4-Sub. Sub-4-Sub is like I subscribe to you and you subscribe to me right back. YouTube does not like this and YouTube will punish your channel for it. (Note: If you think I am joking, ask John Chow when he was banned from Google for a time how it feels. I think we got a good understanding.)

YouTube also provides the option to include an image or graphic to act as a clickable button overlay directly on top of your video. With this clickable button, you can include a link to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Include a YouTube Widget on Your Website

You should also add a widget or link on your website that connects with your YouTube channel. Increase exposure to your channel by adding these features to your blog or business site.

If you use WordPress, you can find numerous widgets and plugins that allow you to add YouTube videos to your site. You could also add a YouTube subscribe button on your site.

Become a Featured YouTube Channel

You have the option to add “Featured Channels” to your YouTube channel. These are channels that you follow and recommend your followers to follow.

By getting these other channels to recommend you to their followers, you can boost exposure. There are two ways to go about this.

You can either directly ask a channel to add you or you can start following them. There is no guarantee that the other channel will follow you, but it’s still worth the effort.

Interact with People That Comment on Your Videos

You shouldn’t ignore the comments on your videos. Actively respond to these comments. People may leave a comment without following. After responding, they might rethink their decision and start following your channel.

Increasing your YouTube following is one method for improving your online presence. If you’d like to gain access to more internet marketing tips, and a way to generate new sales leads, then click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

My first post

This is my first post on the new and refine Jacob Flax dot TK. My goal with this website is to do something unique. Since I know anime and otaku things, I want to become the otaku who make money by telling you, my readers, how much I made.

If you are reading my Internet Business blog at Work With Jacob Flax, you are seeing that I’m doing a Income Case Study by only using that income. I decided that starting today I’m going to do an Income Case Study by telling you how much money I made.

Now what are my goals in this Income Case Study. My first goal is to get enough money so that I’m debt free, so far I’m about $750 in the hole. My second goal with this Income Case Study is to provide Part-Time Income with Good work. Part-Time Income means $1,000 per month with no more then 30 hours per week. Now you think that’s too low, but if you were disabled and broke, $1,000 is not much but it’s better than zero.

I’m going to put up to three blog posts per week plus one about the income case study. I’m planning on doing the blog posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Saturday being the Income results day that I made.

So, if you want to follow me in the quest, just subscribe to my RSS Feed.